Radical regulatory change – LPM magazine, April 2017 – Big bang two

Resource - 30/03/2017 : capital law, cloud technology, cybercrime, General, IT systems management, law firm finance, legal fees, Legal Practice Management, Legal Services Act, LPM magazine, records management strategy, Finance, Human Resources, Knowledge Management, Marketing & BD, Risk & Compliance, Technology, Practice Management

This month, LPM delves into the impact of the potential new regulatory changes set to hit legal.

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Price index “will bring transparency” to legal fees

News Article - 28/07/2016 : General, legal fees, legal futures, Price index, pricing, transparency

A lawyer-matching platform has answered the growing clamour for charging transparency with a price index based on its database of 15,000 quotes, broken down into detailed categories of commercial work.

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Withers' bid to take client money dispute to Supreme Court rejected

News Article - 12/04/2012 : client money, dispute, legal fees, Supreme Court, Risk & Compliance, Risk & Compliance

Withers has been refused permission to appeal to the Supreme Court a dispute brought against it over client money.

In December the appellate court ruled against Withers, finding that when determining whether client money held by a...