LPM April 2018: Deregulation โ€“ The right direction?

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This month, LPM magazine finds out how SME firms might...

Moneypenny reports calls to legal sector are up 14.2%

Resource - 12/02/2016 : law society, moneypenny, Human Resources, Practice Management

CALLS to the legal sector rose by 14.2% last month, according to Moneypenny.

In a study of its call volume, the UK’s leading telephone answering specialist reported a 14.2% rise when the average number of calls in January were...

LPM magazine, December 2015 โ€“ Marketing for the emoji era

Resource - 11/02/2016 : Advanced Legal, Ashton KCJ, Content marketing, Douglas-Jones Mercer, General, law select, moneypenny, Marketing & BD


Are you ready for the Christmas break? Legal firms urged to prepare for rise of up to 26% in calls

News Article - 01/12/2015 : calls, legal sector, moneypenny, Human Resources, Marketing & BD

Law firms across the UK are being urged to prepare for the Christmas break as Moneypenny’s latest report reveals how calls to the legal sector typically see a dramatic rise.

Moneypenny – the UK’s leading telephone...

Avoid old tactics and build something fresh

Resource - 20/11/2015 : brand management, business development, complacency, moneypenny, SME law firms, Practice Management, Practice Management

This resource was also featured as a column in the March 2015 issue of LPM magazine. To read the issue in...

Latest quarterly review shows highest ever number of legal calls

News Article - 08/10/2015 : call data, legal calls, moneypenny, quarterly review, Marketing & BD, Practice Management

Telephone answering specialist Moneypenny has handled more calls for law firms in one day than ever before.

The company, which looks after telephone calls, either on an overflow or fully outsourced basis, for over 900 law firms of all...

Moneypenny celebrates as time flies

News Article - 01/10/2015 : celebrating, General, moneypenny, night-time calls, telephone, three years

Telephone answering specialist Moneypenny is celebrating three years of handling `night-time’ calls, the majority legal, from the other side of the world.

In 2012, the...

New figures show conveyancing calls spike in school holidays

News Article - 21/09/2015 : conveyancing, moneypenny, school holidays, telephone, Human Resources, Marketing & BD

Latest data from telephone answering specialist Moneypenny has revealed a drop in conveyancing calls in the first full week back to the normal routine following a call spike during the...

10% of new legal enquiries 'missed'

News Article - 24/08/2015 : calls, missed calls, moneypenny, receptionist, Marketing & BD, Technology

Latest data released by telephone answering specialist Moneypenny, has revealed the...

Moneypenny sees 10% rise in legal outsourcing in 12 months

News Article - 11/08/2015 : Legal outsourcing, moneypenny, outsourced calls for law firms, Marketing & BD, Practice Management

Latest client data released by telephone answering specialist Moneypenny shows a 10.09% rise in the numbers of law firms seeking support with answering their calls when compared to the same period...

Holiday figures show legal calls spike 12% after a Bank Holiday

News Article - 27/07/2015 : Bank Holiday, calls, moneypenny, Human Resources, Marketing & BD

Legal receptionists at telephone answering specialist Moneypenny are urging law firms to be sure they are prepared for the holiday season, as latest...

Quarterly review highlights post-election conveyancing upturn

News Article - 08/07/2015 : moneypenny, Marketing & BD

Telephone answering specialist Moneypenny has conducted its second quarterly legal call review of 2015 with results showing a marked upturn in `like for like’ conveyancing call numbers since the General Election.

Call data, of firms...

LPM magazine, July 2015 โ€“ Under pressure?

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Under pressure?

Firms are adapting to new competition – but there's still plenty to rattle their cages. This month we find out whether firms are responding – and how – in our summer edition.


Receptionists ready to cross the equator as 24/7 legal client numbers continue to rise

News Article - 15/06/2015 : General, moneypenny, receptionists, telephone aswering specialist, Human Resources

The latest two receptionists from telephone answering specialist Moneypenny are packing their bags to fly to New Zealand ready to join the team answering overnight calls for UK law firms during their daytime.

The pair are heading off...

PI calls more than double in 12 months

News Article - 02/06/2015 : moneypenny, personal injury, telephone answering specialist, Marketing & BD, Risk & Compliance

Personal injury calls to telephone answering specialist Moneypenny’s legal receptionists have more than doubled over the past 12 months.