Your KPIs are killing you – what should you do?

Resource - 17/11/2015 : goals, kpi, morgan hunt, performance, Human Resources, Marketing & BD

Living with KPi’s that you feel you cannot achieve is a miserable experience, the most important thing about them is that you need to feel they are achievable.

Key performance indicators (KPI) are the quantifiable measurements...

Presentations - do you dread them or welcome the challenge?

Resource - 19/10/2015 : career, General, morgan hunt, presentations, skill, Marketing & BD

Some people dread the thought of having to do a presentation to their colleagues, managers or rest of the organisation, yet this is something that many must overcome during their career. Acquiring the skill and overcoming all those things that...

Are you proud of your LinkedIn profile?

Resource - 29/09/2015 : CV, General, linkedin, morgan hunt, Human Resources

LinkedIn isn't just a platform where you duplicate your CV; it’s much more than this, a powerful tool that can really show off what you're all about. The thing about LinkedIn is utilising it to get the most out of it.

If you...

Are you boring your colleagues to death?

Resource - 21/09/2015 : colleagues, conversation, General, jargon, morgan hunt, Human Resources

You may know your stuff but your passion could be death by jargon.

If you’re considered the subject guru within your organisation you could be boring your colleagues to death with irrelevant detail and jargon! Having a passion for...

How to make the most of your lunch hour – tips & tricks

Resource - 20/07/2015 : General, lunch time, morgan hunt, tip and tricks, Human Resources

Working through lunch? Time to take a rain check.

The two-hour lunch break is embedded in French culture, children grow up with it, the workplace accommodates it, yet just 22 miles north, across a stretch of sea, we struggle to take an...

How to quit your job gracefully

Resource - 16/07/2015 : exit interview, General, morgan hunt, notice period, quitting, Human Resources

We've all had those ‘I quit’ fantasies, but quitting a job needs a measured approach.

How you leave a job is all important. You may not think so at the time but a few years down the line you may regret that last email that...

To motivate or not to motivate: do you expect your employer to motivate you?

Resource - 06/07/2015 : employer, General, morgan hunt, motivation, Human Resources

So your job is a bit repetitive at times and there are days when it’s a struggle to get going.

Do you expect your employer to motivate you or do you think that this is your responsibility? Are we, at Morgan Hunt, permitted to...

Exam results – tips on how to survive them

Resource - 29/06/2015 : exam results, General, morgan hunt, planing

Here’s some tips on how to handle the news…good or bad. If you didn’t pass fast forward to the next section.

You passed

This is obviously great news and a huge relief since you’ve been...

Dreading that difficult conversation with your boss?

Resource - 22/06/2015 : boss, conversation, General, morgan hunt, tips, Human Resources

Procrastination is the thief of time, putting it off isn’t going to help.

At some point in your career you will need to have a difficult conversation with your boss.

Whatever the subject you will need to make sure that you...

What perks do you expect your employer to offer?

Resource - 15/06/2015 : benefits, General, morgan hunt, recruitment, Human Resources

The bar is being raised as employers compete with each other to get the best people on board and improve their employee retention rates. Organisations and their suppliers are coming up with all kinds of benefits to entice candidates...

How to say ‘no’ at work in a constructive way

Resource - 08/06/2015 : General, guidelines, morgan hunt, saying 'no', Human Resources

Saying “no” to your superiors, peers and subordinates is one of the most challenging aspects of the modern workplace.

Everyone needs to say ‘no’ at some point but in doing so you could risk coming across as...

The real point about diversity

Resource - 01/06/2015 : diversity, General, morgan hunt, quota, targets, Human Resources

Many organisations place diversity statements on their websites, issue statements in their HR packs, in annual reports and have processes and procedures in place to help them achieve their pledges. But a large number fail to meet diversity...

Consider your career as a life journey and not a ladder

Resource - 26/05/2015 : career, General, hr, morgan hunt, success, Human Resources

Most of us tend to associate career development with climbing the professional ladder; trying to manage our careers as an upward only process, re-framing professional development as a journey rather than a ladder can be much more fulfilling and...

Tips on how to tell people you are an accountant

Resource - 18/05/2015 : accountant, morgan hunt, tips, Human Resources

How to showcase your personality above your profession.

For years accountants have been the butt of jokes; you’ve only got to look at the greetings card market to see how people love to have fun at the expense of an accountant, not...

The CV graveyard – fact or fiction?

Resource - 11/05/2015 : digital job application, morgan hunt, recruiters, Human Resources

A recruiter’s world can be a mystery for candidates. For example what happens to your CV after you click apply. And why should they care about you? You know from the job board that you are one of many that have applied. In the interest of...