Industry case study from Paragon LawSelect: From cover to cyber cover

Case Study - 07/02/2017 : Cyber Liability, cybersecurity, Davies and Partners, insurance, lawselect, professional indemnity, risk management, Risk & Compliance, Practice Management

This article was also featured as an industry case study in the LPM cybersecurity supplement in November 2016. To read the issue in full, ...

Paragon LawSelect discusses emerging professional liability: Ground rent clauses

Resource - 01/02/2017 : Cyber Liability, ground rent, insurance, lawselect, Paragon LawSelect, professional indemnity, risk management, Finance, Risk & Compliance

According to statistical analysis residential conveyancing practices are already at the sharp end of professional liability. These practices generate 26% of insurance claims, 11% more than the second largest area (Commercial, 14%). Exposure...

Brexit: Any relevance to the UK lawyer?

Resource - 01/11/2016 : brexit, Cyber Liability, General, insurance, lawselect, professional indemnity, risk management, Practice Management

This article was also featured as a column in the October 2016 issue of LPM. To read the issue in full, ...

Concerned about cybercrime and the implications for your practice?

Resource - 08/08/2016 : Cyber Liability, insurance, lawselect, professional indemnity, risk management, Risk & Compliance

Cybercrime and data protect has been created to indemnify and assist law firms following a cyber incident.

In the event of a cyber incident or breach, a dedicated breach response team will provide assistance as well as ensure compliance...

Why choose V4B tax funding solution for your 31 July tax payment deadline

Resource - 25/07/2016 : Partner Buy-ins, Practice relocation, professional indemnity, tax, VAT, Finance

Time is running out for 31 July tax payment deadline

Why choose us?

V4Bprofessions have over 30 years of collective experience dealing with businesses of all sizes and all walks of life....

Howden Professional Indemnity facility meets guidelines recently approved by LSB

News Article - 27/06/2016 : CLC, professional indemnity, professional indemnity broker, solicitors negligence, solicitors professional indemnity, solicitors risk management, Practice Management

The Legal Services Board (LSB) has approved the Council of Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) proposal for practices to move away from its Master Policy with an opt-out for Professional Indemnity Insurance to a more competitive open-market approach....

Law Practice Management conference

Event - 27/06/2016 : law practice management conference, professional indemnity, professional indemnity broker, Salford, solicitors negligence, solicitors professional indemnity, solicitors risk management, Conferences, Practice Management

The University of Salford is offering free funded places for this conference. To take advantage of this opportunity, click the register button on the top right and fill in your details. Within 24 hours of registering, our Delegate Acquisition...

Howden reviews the key impact of the Insurance Act for solicitor firms

News Article - 21/06/2016 : professional indemnity, professional indemnity broker, solicitors negligence, solicitors professional indemnity, solicitors risk management, Risk & Compliance

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) is currently undertaking a Consultation on The Insurance Act but this is still under discussion. Thus we cannot definitively state what the final impact will be on the Minimum Terms and Conditions (MTC)...

Pro bono work - free of charge doesn’t mean free of risk

Resource - 11/05/2016 : pro bono work, professional indemnity, risks, solicitors regulation authority, Risk & Compliance, Practice Management


Free of charge doesn’t mean free of risk so it’s important to understand what cover your PI policy offers for pro-bono work...

Insurance buying factsheets

Resource - 02/02/2016 : factsheets, Howden, pii, professional indemnity, Practice Management

It is important for businesses of all sizes to prepare and be organised for the insurance buying process.

These factsheets have been developed to give your business tips on the process, managing your premium, understanding your policy and...

The speculation surrounding the SRA’s proposed changes to the minimum compulsory level of professional indemnity cover

Resource - 27/01/2016 : Finance, Janine Parker, Legal Practice Management, Legal Practice Management magazine, practice management, pricing, professional indemnity, risk and compliance, solicitors regulation authority, SRA, UK law firms, Finance, Practice Management

This blog post by Janine Parker from Paragon International Insurance Brokers was also featured as a column in the ...

Policy wording face-off: circumstances which 'may' vs. 'likely' give raise to a claim

Resource - 14/12/2015 : claim, insurance broker, professional indemnity, Practice Management


While we always encourage clients to ensure they have a good understanding of their policy wording, it is not always easy for the layperson to appreciate exactly...

Welcome to the launch edition of Pi magazine - For professional services firms in a high-risk world

News Article - 13/11/2015 : Howden, pi magazine, professional indemnity, risk, Risk & Compliance, Practice Management


I started working in Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance nine months after Lehman’s filed for bankruptcy and UK house prices hit the bottom.


What’s all the fuss about? Be prepared for the changes to business insurance law

Resource - 23/10/2015 : changes, Howden, Insurance Act 2015, professional indemnity, Risk & Compliance, Practice Management

Be prepared for the biggest changes to business insurance law in generations.

When the Insurance Act 2015 (the Act) comes into force on 12 August 2016, the much anticipated reforms to business insurance law in the UK will be upon us. The...

Dealing with a 'stealth tax'

News Article - 20/07/2015 : Howden, insurance premium tax, professional indemnity, Finance, Practice Management

Much to the surprise of the insurance industry and many financial commentators, the summer budget has produced a rise in Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) from 6% to 9.5% effective from 1st November 2015. Heralded as a stealth tax by many commentators...