Important changes are happening at LTC4

News Article - 21/05/2019 : Assessment, Competency, skills, Technology, training, Technology

Working towards tech competence is now even simpler

As a volunteer-led organization we believe in responding to the needs of a legal industry that is changing fast. After much discussion with our members and our peers, the...

LTC4 announce their new board of directors

News Article - 08/08/2018 : Assessment, Competency, skills, Technology, training, Risk & Compliance, Technology

LTC4 are pleased to announce the arrival of three new Board members – Cory Christmas of Baker Donelson; Chloe Parfitt of Burges Salmon and Hannah Vendetti of Shearman & Sterling.

The new board is already making positive changes...

LTC4 at the CLOC Institute

News Article - 09/04/2018 : Assessment, Competency, skills, Technology, training, Risk & Compliance

As the CLOC Institute event in Las Vegas approaches (April 22-25) we are pleased to announce that LTC4 Board Member Douglas Capozzalo, Workplace Learning & Communications Specialist at Shearman & Sterling, will be attending on behalf of...

Don't delay, join LTC4 today!

Resource - 14/02/2018 : Assessment, Competency, skills, Technology, training, Technology

They’ve joined LTC4.

There are now thousands of LTC4 certified legal professionals who have realised the benefits of being able to prove that they are technologically competent. Cyber security, document, email and time management...

LTC4 now offers eDiscovery certification through strategic partnership with KoWorks, allowing legal professionals to achieve eCompetence at their own pace

Resource - 31/01/2018 : Assessment, certification, Competency, eDiscovery, information systems, KoWorks, LTC4, skills, Technology, training, Technology, Practice Management

Today, LTC4™ (Legal Technology Core Competencies Certification Coalition) announced an exciting new strategic partnership with KoWorks LLC, developer of technical eCompetence™ workflow-based assessments. LTC4 members who successfully...

LTC4 welcomes the first 'LION' to new advisory council

News Article - 07/12/2017 : Assessment, Competency, LTC4, skills, Technology, training, Human Resources, Technology

LTC4 (Legal Technology Core Competency Certification Coalition) are pleased to announce that Peggy Wechsler has become the first LTC4 LION.

LTC4 Lions are legal technology professionals who have been invited to form an Advisory Council to...

LTC4 - what is it and how can joining benefit me and my firm?

Event - 21/09/2017 : Assessment, Competency, skills, Technology, training, Technology, Webinars

LTC4 is a completely independent non-profit membership organization working for a future where all legal professionals use technology efficiently and can prove it. Learn about how the organization started, its core competency learning plans...

LTC4 - Legal Technology Core Competency Certification Coalition

Network Partner - 24/06/2016 : Assessment, Competency, skills, Technology, training

LTC4 is a non-profit membership organisation that has established legal technology core competencies and certification that can be used to measure ongoing efficiency improvements. Our purpose is to maintain a set of legal technology core...

Time to think about how you are progressing with your career

Resource - 11/01/2016 : Adobe Creative Suite, BD, CRM systems, HTML, marketing, skills, Human Resources, Marketing & BD

With the New Year in full swing it’s now time to think about how you are progressing with your career. Here are 3 ways in which you can get ahead:
1. Brush up on your knowledge

The top 10 habits and skills of world-class networkers – habit 2

Resource - 05/10/2015 : General, habits, networking, skills, will kintish, Marketing & BD

In today’s highly competitive world, being a confident and effective networker sets you apart from the crowd. You become more visible, always feel in control and will always create more career and business...

10 key skills and personality traits for top class networkers

Resource - 14/07/2015 : General, Kintish, personal qualities, skills, Marketing & BD

Personal Qualities…

1. Belief pride and passion. Believe in yourself, passion for your work and pride in  the company you represent

2. Be organised -...

Getting your message across is all important for your career

News Article - 07/04/2015 : management, Meetings, morgan hunt, recruitment, skills, tips, Human Resources, Knowledge Management, Practice Management

Meetings come in many forms and guises; there are those which are formal, incredibly well organised, everyone knows their place and is given floor-time equally or proportionately and then there are the more informal, disorganised meetings which...

Kintish: people's fears when networking

Video - 17/09/2013 : Kintish, networking fears, networking skills, skills, video, will kintish, Human Resources, Community

Most people that walk into a room at a business event have negative thoughts running through their heads: “What if people don’t like me?”, “What if I get rejected from a group?”. This video will show you how to deal...