Bar fears online court will lead to a two-tier justice system

News Article - 28/07/2016 : General, law firms, Online Court, solicitors journal, Technology

Barristers cautious over Briggs LJ's plans as litigators call for 'confidence' in reforms

Lord Justice Briggs's latest call for a new online court for civil claims has received a mixed reception from the...

Law firms show record growth as mid-tier practices shine

News Article - 26/07/2016 : brexit, EU referendum, General, revenue, SME law firms, solicitors journal

UK must secure position as leading global centre for legal services post-Brexit negotiations

UK legal services firms have recorded growth for the fifth successive year with mid-tier and niche practices showing greater...

LSB: More reform needed to build on ‘positive’ Legal Services Act

News Article - 06/07/2016 : General, Legal Services Act, LSB, solicitors journal

Consumers need to be empowered so that their legal needs are met, says 'super regulator' chairman

The Legal Services Act 2007 has made a positive impact on the legal services market but more legislative reform is...

Innovative scheme to help law firms meet Brexit client demands

News Article - 30/06/2016 : brexit, General, law firms, solicitors journal

Tailored approach gives firms opportunity to grow while deferring borrowing costs

Third-party funding company Doorway Capital has proposed an innovative solution to help law firms manage the fallout from the EU referendum...

IT investment key to law firm growth

News Article - 28/06/2016 : General, IT, law firms, solicitors journal, Technology

Substantial changes to how law firms work would see net profits rise, says expert

Greater investment in IT would help law firms to cut costs and increase net profit, the MHA Legal Benchmarking Report 2016 has found.


Lawyers gear up for busy period as UK votes to leave EU

News Article - 27/06/2016 : brexit, EU, European Union, General, solicitors journal

New Conservative government will dictate nature of any reformed relationship with the EU, says former government lawyer

As Britons awoke on 24 June to news that the UK had voted to leave the EU, lawyers faced the prospect...

The formula to marketing perfection: M + E + M = P

Resource - 03/12/2015 : marketing, solicitors journal, strategy, Finance, Practice Management

This article was first published by Solicitors Journal on 13/10/15, and is reproduced by kind permission.
Patricia Kinahan...

How to choose your first practice management system

News Article - 29/06/2015 : General, practice management system, small firms, solicitors journal

Poorly chosen systems can have catastrophic effects on the running of your business and are not easy to fix

A PMS is likely to be core to running your business, and getting the right one is extremely important, not only...

Equal pay for men and women lawyers forecast for 2021

News Article - 19/06/2015 : equality, General, pay, solicitors journal

Pay gap shrinks but men still receive bonuses 66 per cent higher than their women counterparts.

The gender gap between the total compensation of male and female lawyers is narrowing at an average rate of 4 per cent a year...

Law firms failing to meet client demands for gender-diverse teams

News Article - 14/01/2015 : diversity, hr, human resources, law firm diversity, solicitors journal, Human Resources

Men's club mentality keeping women out of partnerships, Managing Partner roundtable finds

Large law firms need to radically change their cultures and working practices if they are to succeed in creating gender-diverse...

SRA to carry out ‘lessons learned’ review on diversity data

News Article - 22/01/2014 : diversity, Diversity data, diversity in law firms, law firm, law firms, legal, Legal News, solicitors journal, Solicitors Regulation Association, SRA, Risk & Compliance, Practice Management

Number of 'high risk events' to be tackled by the regulator doubles in a year.

The SRA has announced that it will be carrying out a "lessons learned exercise" on diversity data. The regulator said earlier...

‘Twitter ye not’ advice to be published on Twitter

News Article - 04/12/2013 : Attorney general, sharing, solicitors journal, twitter, Risk & Compliance

Attorney General decides to make warnings public after high-profile blunders.

The Attorney General is to take to Twitter to publicise warnings about the risks of contempt of court in high-profile cases. Previously the...

Conveyancing portal pilots to start next year

News Article - 23/10/2013 : conveyancing, conveyancing portal, jonathan smithers, sme, solicitors journal, The Law Society, Technology, Practice Management

'This puts us in fairly and squarely in the 21st Century'

Testing of the Law Society's plans for an electronic conveyancing portal are to begin "as soon as possible next year", Jonathan Smithers, chairman of the...

‘Get big, get niche or get out,’ Marshall tells personal injury firms

News Article - 17/10/2013 : anthony gold, General, solicitors journal, Practice Management

'Sticking your head in the sand is not an option'

David Marshall, managing partner of Anthony Gold, has told personal injury firms that they must "get big, get niche or get out" to have a future.

Speaking at SJ...

Edmonds to step down as chair of LSB

News Article - 11/10/2013 : bar council, david edmonds, law society, Legal Service Board, Legal Services Act, LSB, MOJ, solicitors journal, Risk & Compliance, Practice Management

New chair must ensure regulation is 'as light touch as possible'

David Edmonds, chair of the Legal Services Board, is stepping down and due to be replaced by 1 May 2014.

The MoJ said in its job description that they are...