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Anyone experience performance problems with Outlook/Worksite/Interaction integration over Citrix?

Over the weekend we rolled out Interaction, Intapp Open and upgraded our Aderant system to v8. Since then we have reports of slowness over Citrix that is making the system unworkable. We have a small number of Citrix office users (25) and three Citrix servers looking after them so shouldn't be resources. Network links are similarly not maxing out, running at c20% capacity. Anyone with this configuration encounter this problem and it's solution? Thanks
Asked by: Nick Galt
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Top tip - check the server power management settings on your servers. By default these are often set to conserve power which can significantly reduce performance, especially the performance of Citrix. I've lost count of how many businesses have experienced this problem. I recommend changing the power management settings to 'Maximum performance' and testing to see if this makes any difference. If not then we'd be happy to help you diagnose the cause of the problem.
The slows might related to the change in demand on CPU/Memory or indeed the disk IO. Have you bench marked the changes?

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