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Has anyone moved their comms rooms to a co-location?

Looking for recommendations if there are any out there! Have a couple of quotes in but would like to hear from anyone who has already gone through the process. We have nice coffee and biscuits at Milbank if you have time to chat?
Asked by: Annette Brown
Tags: Co-Locations, Data Centres
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Hi Annette, We provide voice telephony in the cloud and have worked with convergets.co.uk on this before so I'd recommend having a chat with them as they specialise in this for the legal sector. If it helps I can do the introduction. I think they like biscuits too. Stuart
Hi Stuart, we have an Avaya real estate firm wide and have previously looked at cloud solutions for telephony which is not an option for us at this stage of the game. Thanks for the thought but we would pass on this one! Thx A
Hi Annette, we've moved the majority of our (20) servers to Amazons AWS service. The email has all been migrated to Office365 just leaving us our PBX server and a dedicated CJSM server. It's been a hard slog but well worth the effort. All the worries about hardware failures, refresh cycles, backup systems, DR, cooling, power etc. have gone. From a business point of view, the reliability is second to none, AWS will scale to your needs as your business grows. Cloud migration is not for the faint hearted, factor in the cost of a good consultant who knows what they are doing. Good luck, Peter

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