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Looking to implement VDI for DR and beyond. Anyone done this and any words of wisdom in hindsight?

We intend to use View.
Asked by: Malcolm Austin
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I would look at the broker from Quest (http://www.quest.com/vworkspace/), it allows a variety of technologies to be front-ended through the one broker as well as supporting remote printing (subject to your risk policies allowing remote printing of course).

You may also consider whether full VDI is appropriate for all users, perhaps a combination of cheaper Microsoft RDS and full VDI both provisioned through the Quest broker. (e.g. Fee Earners and Secretaries on Microsoft RDS, IT on ful VDI and other support teams based upon individual merits within your organisation).

What storage are you looking at for your desktops? SAN or DAS? Both have their merits (and different cost profiles).

Do you plan to run View internally all the time, or just as a standby? If you have full PCs on the desk and VDI for DR, you will need to license office for both - doubling those licensing costs.

Hi Malcolm, we supply Citrix Hosted Desktop, IaaS & SaaS to the Legal sector, if you are interested in exploring this with us please get in contact. stuart.d@k-cloud.com

Sorry for the tardy response Mat, its been one of those months...
The idea was to have somethjing available in case of DR. Even though we can get most systems up in a few hours, if the building is in flames where do users sit, do they have access to corporate assets (do they take the laptop every night) ? If it is a "home" device has got all the applications we use (unlikely)? We have a couple of SANs that may need expanding if we decide to go the full hog. I am informed that the Licencing is Ok because of the agreement we have with Microsoft. I have heard lots of companies using RDS. Will have a look at the quest option.

Thanks for the offer Stuart. May contact you if Citrix raises its head again.

Thanks for time chaps


Another good source of information on this topic would be Stu McHugh over at Withers.

His blog can be found at http://stumchugh.wordpress.com.


Hi Mat,
Looks interesting. Iwill try and get some time to read it...

Licensing costs are expensive

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