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Looking to speak to IT staff who have rolled out Mimecast - particularly with data ingestion

Looking to speak to IT staff who have rolled out Mimecast - particularly with data ingestion of historic emails and PST files. Interested to hear the challenges you came across, how users took to you 'taking away' their PST files and training.
Asked by: Alex Heer
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Hi Alex, happy to share our experiences with you. We implemented Mimecast about 8 months go. Feel free to email me - nigel.stott@clarionsolicitors.com. Nigel
We have rolled out Mimecast to all users via web interface, but we are also in the testing and soon to roll out MSO 4 to all users which is the integrated Mimecast add-in with in outlook 2010.
Thanks Wahid, Just actually completed the ingestion process (users PST files and historic email data from backups) and must say I am really impressed with Mimecast. All the ingested data appeared excactly as we sent it and despite my worst fears, we had no problems with taking away PST's from our users, though did have to speak to each of them on a one-to-one basis! We also have rolled out the web interface (MPP) in combination with the MSE Folder sync tasks and also pushed out Mimecast Services for Blackberry to firm devices. All work well. Haven't yet rolled out MSO 4.1 (the version that has a backend SQL server and works with roaming profiles) as there are still a few issues with memory and CPU consumption on our RDS Servers. However Mimecast are currently working on a tool which sits on another server and takes the load off the RDS/TS/Citrix Servers. In terms of training, we assisted everyone in preparing their PST files and mailbox for ingestion on a one-to-one basis (on average 20 mins per user) We then created user guides which were placed on our intranet for MPP and Mimecast Services for Blackberry. When we roll out MSO 4.1, we will also offer training workshops as well as the user guides. Alex

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