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We seem to have never ending issues with video conferencing and general audio visual problems, is it just us?

Obviously we'd like to use Skype, but that's just not secure enough for law firm to use...
Asked by: Rupert White
Tags: video conference
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Hi Rupert, you are not alone. That is the good news.If you want better news, let's have a chat and I can explain how Clifford Chance, DLA Piper, White & Case, Pannone, Boekel de Neree all sorted out their video conferencing issues by addressing people, process, technology and rooms with minor to major adjustments. Glad to discuss 07979828189. Skype Nica.faustino

Hi Rupert. This is possibly down to your bandwidth as the technology usually deployed internally is tried and tested. Understood re security. If my diagnosis is correct it's easy enough to sort out, the only cost being the difference between your current broadband/data circuits and what you may require. Equally it may just be a case of prioritising the video conf traffic on your network. Depends on the number of users but am happy to assist if you'd like. Simon Unger - 0208 236 2504

I'd recommend Cisco Webex as a faily low cost and certainly secure solution.

Free for up to 3 participants, otherwise there are monthly plans.


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