Case study: Barcan Woodward uses SOS Connect

Justine Tipling, Systems Manager at Barcan Woodward, shares how she has driven forward the firm’s use of SOS Connect to ensure they get the maximum from the system.

What are the biggest benefits of investing in a new system?

With three offices, the .NET based system has enabled us to be more consistent across the firm in the way each office deals with daily work. With the aid of scripting it has enabled us to insert certain workflows and features to ensure we are more easily compliant and to make it easier for users to report any risks etc.

What has your role been?

When I arrived at Barcan Woodward in January 2010, the system was not really being used to its full capabilities, especially in terms of incorporating accounts functionalities with SOS Connect, in areas such as automatic time billing, electronic posting slips and the posting of anticipated disbursements. I ensured there were changes so that our estimates against actual limits were more accurate”

How does the system underpin the work you do?

It underpins a large part of the firm and what we do – we use it for business management, matter management, legal accounting and customer relationship management (CRM). We have different levels of workflow scripting, depending on the department and the strategic level within the firm.

Has your reliance on IT changed over the years?

Yes it has, now that we have a system available which provides up to date information and is on a stable platform.

What advice would you give to a firm looking for a new supplier?

Talk to other people with relevant knowledge and ask to go to see reference sites. Ensure the reference site is specific to the type of work your firm does and ask to see certain aspects in operation that you know you will want to use.

Have you any tips for others rolling out a major system?

Find out as much as you can about a system’s capability and maximise this over time. Even if you don’t use this from day one, you can work towards achieving maximum potential. Communicate with staff in a language they can understand, and watch and listen to people to discover what needs to be improved. People will adopt a system far more easily and with more humour if they feel involved. Identify staff that would be good as “super users” in each office, who would train and inspire colleagues around them.

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