Collaboration with Oyez Speech has helped Bridge McFarland achieve its dictation objectives on time and on budget

Bridge McFarland is a firm that works across a network of eight offices and holds an exceptional local, national and international reputation. Their extremely capable legal team offer clients a comprehensive depth of expertise across many legal disciplines. This success has been built on the 4 C’s of confidentiality, commitment, courtesy and communication. 

Bridge McFarland recently decided to move from individual PC’s to a thin client solution in order to centralise and better manage the various elements typically found on a PC (ie: software applications, sensitive data or security programs). 

The IT team, led by Helen Powers, knew that the dictation software they were using was a stand alone package that required a local install for each user and that it would not work within the planned environment. They made the ambitious decision to upgrade to thin client and a new dictation system at the same time. 

‘We looked at several dictation options, including the market leader’ Helen Powers said. ‘One of our partners happened to mention that he had used Oyez Speech’s OS7 in the past and that he thought it was very good. We decided to investigate that option further and found that the Oyez package offered all of the functionality that we wanted or required. 

We were also offered the option of a free, no-obligation trial period. That was a huge benefit as it allowed us the time and space required to test the product in our own environment before having to make a firm commitment’.

‘Once the decision to go with Oyez Speech was made implementation began almost immediately. ‘We cracked on across all eight of our offices’ Helen says. 

‘The process wasn’t as difficult as I had anticipated’ Helen remembers. ‘There was some fine tuning required but that is only to be expected when you are managing 2 large projects at the same time. The ready assistance I’ve had from Oyez’s install & support teams has been fantastic and we resolved any issues by working together. In the end, our objective was achieved and everything was delivered on schedule’. 

In future, Bridge McFarland plan to further expand their dictation capabilities with the addition of Speech Recognition. ‘We’re quite excited about the advantages this can offer us’ says Helen. ‘We’ve spoken to Oyez about the options we would require and the collaborative approach they have taken during the 1st project assures us that they’ll deliver a solution that is the right for us.’ 

Helen confirmed that she would have no hesitation in recommending Oyez Speech. ‘For a reasonable cost we were able to source a dictation system that works well within our environment and our 170+ users have a flexible, easily managed dictation and transcription system’. 

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