Enable case study: Baker Botts

Baker Botts discovered Enable and were intrigued by the unique and fresh approach Enable took to the challenge of producing consistent proposals quickly and easily, and especially in the simplicity in creating a first draft. After evaluating multiple proposal products, primarily from US companies, Baker Botts chose PitchPerfect because of its ease-of-use, seamless integration with their current products, and the ability to produce visually appealing documents directly from Word.


Baker Botts selected the PitchPerfect solution in the summer of 2015, kicked off the project in the fall and went live with the Client Relations department in December (4 months). The product is being rolled out to all secretaries (in April), expanding firm-wide to all Partners and fee earners during the course of the year.

The process

Baker Botts went live with PitchPerfect in 4 months. There were many factors to consider and steps to take when implementing PitchPerfect in a law firm of their size.


After an initial template creation and back-end configuration stage, PitchPerfect went live for the Baker Botts Client Relations team in December 2015.

Go live

The Enable team spent one week in Houston working with the Baker Botts team in December 2015. This involved helping Baker Botts go live and a knowledge transfer to the Client Relations and the IT technical teams on how to use PitchPerfect and its administration module.

Obstacles that were overcome

Baker Botts wanted a system that did everything their current system did – plus more. Thinking through use case scenarios and an ultimately improved end-user experience was a high priority. Content transfer and data integration points took (a significant amount of) time as well.

Enable PitchTracker and Decision Pace

Enable, with Baker Botts, is currently working to finalize the configuration of PitchTracker, the pitch classification module, with a database and accompanying dashboard to store and enable reporting/visualizations (provided by Decision Pace) of the business development opportunity information.

Data and content integration

Enable ensured PitchPerfect would work perfectly with Baker Botts’ current systems. The data and content was built to work with Sitecore CMS, iManage, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Office (Word and PowerPoint). On top of these, Enable will soon be providing integration with LexisNexis InterAction


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