Introhive case study: Lupton Fawcett

Lupton Fawcett invests in relationship intelligence to increase client satisfaction and realizes a 350% return on investment.

Lupton Fawcett is a commercial law firm with offices in Leeds, Sheffield and York. Given its dedication 
to surpassing expectations, Lupton Fawcett has created a diverse team of 280+ passionate experts 
with a refreshing take on the full spectrum of commercial and personal legal services. In 2018, the firm sought a relationship intelligence platform to accelerate cross-firm collaboration and key account client experience management. 

Since deploying Introhive, Lupton Fawcett has seen a 350% return on investment in the first nine months. 

Business Challenge

As a full service law firm, Lupton Fawcett is always seeking new and innovative ways to better support their client base. The firm had three core business objectives tied to growing serviceable revenue and enhancing client experience management:

1. Discover gaps in their client service model:
Lupton Fawcett needed to understand the gaps of services they provided to their current clients and determine how to strategically approach each key account based on firm-wide relationships.
2. Map client relationships for succession planning:
Lupton Fawcett needed a better way to manage succession planning to support retiring members, including assigning the appropriate partner to take on clients and ensuring the retiring partners are properly onboarding their colleagues to their client base.
3. Improve technology adoption and lasting change management:
To help better realize the value of a firm-wide database, the CRM needed to have accurate, updated information, but lawyers did not have time to focus on data entry. Lupton Fawcett needed a way to automate the process of capturing contact, account and activity data to drive change management and break down cultural barriers to encourage cross-firm collaboration.

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