MacRoberts uses Sync Studio to bridge the content divide

Effective information management

With 45 partners working in 3 offices across Scotland, MacRoberts serves many sectors and clients across the United Kingdom and Europe, including collaborating with overseas law firms on multi-jurisdictional transactions. In the process of providing advice and legal counsel, MacRoberts has amassed a substantial quantity of content. In fact, the electronic matter cases require over seven terabytes of storage to support all of the documents stored in the matter cases such as: emails, Word documents, PDF files, voicemails, technical drawings and metadata. 

As with most law firms, MacRoberts have extensive requirements for being able to structure, classify and organise content. The ability to effectively profile content with rich metadata is key to making sure information can be quickly located and applied when needed. To execute an effective Enterprise Content Management (ECM) strategy, MacRoberts has long relied upon HP WorkSite. The ECM platform provides not merely the ability to profile and classify content, but automates intake of email and other documents. WorkSite is an effective tool for partners and their legal teams to quickly identify and make use of all information relevant to a particular client or matter. 

The value of making information available

Legal cases often require collaboration and sharing with clients and third-parties. Due to confidentiality and governance requirements these parties do not have direct access to the rm’s WorkSite system. Previously, MacRoberts transferred data using encrypted physical media (e.g. DVD-R), taking into account client requirements for data handling. Each data request was time consuming, on both ends, to clearly de ne and nd the necessary documents required for collaboration. Any additional requests for information would have to be reprocessed, requiring additional time. In short, sharing information with clients and third-parties was often time consuming and a complex process in order to provide the information in a secure manner, making MacRoberts eager to improve the process. 


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