myhomemove Case Study


Why did myhomemove need a new solution?

Paul Tennant: We are long time users of SolCase, the forerunner system from LexisNexis prior to Visualfiles. It has served us well, but with the rapid business growth that we are experiencing, it isn’t as flexible as we would like it to be. We need a modern technology platform that provides a uniform business environment across the firm and supports our ambitious growth targets. Already we have grown to 700 staff spread across locations in Leicester, Manchester and Northampton in the UK; and our two offices in India that provide back-office support. We are dealing with an annual case volume upwards of 50,000 and this figure is continuously increasing in line with our business expansion plans. 

There are a number of other case management platforms, why did you choose Lexis Visualfiles?

Paul Tennant: Absolutely, there is a wide choice and we explored all options. We conducted a rigorous review of case management solutions available on the market. Visualfiles was the best fit for our business. It is a proven solution that delivers today, but will do so in the future too.

It is the best solution for a high volume business such as ours. It is highly scalable, a capability that is essential for a conveyancing offering. Visualfiles is also intuitive to use – it has a Microsoft look and feel, so we expect minimal staff training will be needed, which in turn means that there will be little business disruption when the solution is rolled out organisation-wide. 


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