Nasstar case study: Managed IT for Marriott Harrison

Customer snapshot 

When an ageing infrastructure, deteriorating network performance and lack of skilled in-house IT resource threatened to create the perfect storm for Marriott Harrison, it looked to managed services and Nasstar to help navigate the firm to calmer waters.


Marriott Harrison is a boutique full service law firm whose high quality, partner-led approach sees the firm operating at a level that is often only matched by firms several times larger.

However, when its IT function started to fall well short of the standards expected, compromising efficiency and effectiveness, it took steps to address the issues. Specifically:

Ageing systems – Marriott Harrison needed to consider the expensive reality of a technology refresh

Poor network management – The firm’s IT resource was one individual, whose skill sets and skill levels were proving unequal to the task of ‘keeping the lights on’

Lack of strategic direction – The firm was devoid of any IT leadership, making it difficult to see any way out of its dilemma as well as risking missing out on tech driven business advantage.

Management time – Senior figures were expending too much time and energy in ‘managing the manager’ and the firm-wide fall-out from persistent outages and general poor delivery to the desktop.

Business risk – The firm recognised the dangers inherent in IT responsibility being invested in just one person, and in running with a substandard network, poor remote access and negligible contingency for disaster recovery.


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