Olswang LLP enhances communications across the firm with G3 Comms

Rupert White Posted By Rupert White
from Burlington Media Group

Why don’t lawyers use commas? Anyone familiar with legal documentation will be painfully aware of the lack of pauses. The fact is that commas can present ambiguity and, for lawyers, ambiguity is anathema. Accurate, precise and timely communication underpins all legal processes and maintaining business communications services is a critical requirement for all law firms. Olswang is no exception.

Lean, efficient and business-hungry, Olswang has come out of its recessionary detox with renewed vigour and a rate of expansion that leaves the competition eating dust.

New competitive threats arising from business mergers, overseas markets and practice legislation are changing the rules of engagement. More than ever, time is the scarce resource and success is governed not just by size, but by agility and speed of response.

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