OyezForms gives Boodle Hatfield increased functionality and faster turn-around times

Many modern commercial organisations conduct their business across multiple jurisdictions. When they require English legal advice, in a global context, they can depend on Boodle Hatfield to provide what they need. This London based law firm work together with international clients, respected law firms and expert advisers from across the globe. 

Boodle Hatfield enjoy long-standing professional relationships with some of the most well-established owner managed businesses, property companies and families, both in the UK and abroad. This impressive client list has been built by the skills of their lawyers who are astute, highly skilled and attuned to the needs of each individual. 

Closely involved with the wider community, Boodle Hatfield try to make a difference by the way they conduct their business. They support initiatives that contribute to the good of the community, financially assist selected charitable causes and have incorporated environmentally friendly working practices into their firm.

The challenge

Ben Prokop, IT Project Manager with Boodle Hatfield, reports that although the firm had been using a forms software package provided by a large UK provider for several years, they were not entirely satisfied with the product. Users reported that they were often frustrated by a lack of flexibility. 

An example of this package’s lack of resilience was the limited expansion capabilities of text boxes. Users were having to place one complete piece of text across several boxes as required copy would not fit into one box. Inserting additional text into the middle of a partially completed document was also difficult and time consuming.

Ben says “Our teams were looking for a better solution. One that gave them the functionality to work in the way they needed to, without having to work around the shortcomings of their forms software”.

The solution

“Oyez approached us”, Ben reports. “They offered to visit and show us firsthand what the Oyez package could offer Boodle Hatfield. We were impressed by the product demonstration - the package seemed to have the built-in efficiencies we needed.”

Following the initial meeting, it was agreed that Oyez would implement a free trial, set up to run simultaneously with the competitive package being used. This offered Boodle Hatfield the benefit of the time needed to integrate the forms into their document management system and technical infrastructure. It also allowed them to thoroughly investigate the functionality of the OyezForms package over a 3 month test period.

Once the OyezForms package (including the Premier Word range and the Word FormE System) was installed, the Family Team were the first to use it. Those working within the test environment reported that Oyez offered them a faster, smoother user experience. “Ultimately, our users bought into the benefits of the product” reports Ben “and it was their decision to switch to OyezForms”.

The benefits 

Boodle Hatfield users report that they prefer the flexibility and simplicity of the Oyez package and that it now takes less time to complete documents. Unlimited expansion, intuitive navigation and even simple features like the ability to open multiple forms at the same time have boosted efficiency. 

“The Word FormE System was particularly well received by our matrimonial team” says Ben. “Oyez have made the onerous tasks involved with completing financial statements quick and easy. It has saved a lot of aggravation and many hours of time”. 

Ben reported that changing to Oyez has also been a very smooth experience from the perspective of the IT team. “Everyone I worked with at Oyez delivered first class service. They were knowledgeable, well informed and available whenever we needed them. From delivering the first demo, through to user training, every request we had was considered and delivered effectively”. 

“The Automatic Updating feature has revolutionised our updating process and has been a real time saver for me. Updates are so much easier to manage and I can spend the time attending to more productive tasks. I would happily recommend this package to other law firms who are considering a move to OyezForms”

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