Payne & Fears chooses NetDocuments

Payne & Fears was at a crossroads six years ago as the firm was using iManage and on an out of date version. “From a financial standpoint, we were looking at a significant investment to bring our services and servers up to date with what iManage was requiring at the time simply to be able to upgrade to the latest edition," Brian began. "Looking at the overall cost of server operations, overhead control, management, maintenance, new software, installation, conversion, and training gets ridiculously high. It didn’t take long for us to see NetDocuments was where we wanted to go, and the direction document management would be going in the future."

“The transition to NetDocuments was very easy and seamless through the administrative training process all the way to end user sessions," Brian said. “We’ve been using NetDocuments for over six years, have increased our productivity and collaboration across offices and clients, we have improved security, back up, as well as business continuity, and all while drastically reducing the amount spent on IT, hardware and software,” he concluded.

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