Phoenix case study: Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg adopt Phoenix MatterView to help save attorneys’ time and improve effectiveness


A client-focused approach to every matter is an imperative to Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg and the firm’s culture of teamwork, its focus on client needs, and willingness to adapt quickly to meet marketplace demands are key factors behind its success. Any technology solution deployed by the firm must support the client-centric culture and provide the firms’ 150+ attorneys with the ability to engage, collaborate and source the data on client matters in the most secure, effective and productive manner.


Having previously partnered with Phoenix Business Solutions to design, support and maintain its firm-wide document and email management solution, Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg is working with Phoenix to deploy Phoenix MatterView, a powerful data consolidation engine to both provide rich business insight for its attorneys on their active matters and gain access to historical data to improve efficiency. Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg utilize iManage Work as the central repository for document and email management. To date, the differing data sources, such as financial information on billing and invoicing, have acted as separate repositories for the different elements of client matters, with attorneys having to enter the individual systems, or make multiple requests.

With Phoenix MatterView, Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg have a single view of all information relevant to client matters by re-purposing the otherwise blank space on the iManage matter workspace with reports that include time, billing, and document production with matter notes and task management. Brian Creona, Application Development Manager and project sponsor at Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg LLP, comments on the reasons for the project: “Attorneys really need three things available: they require communications, documents, and access to time and billing information. Our latest initiative with Phoenix is to bring all these critical data points together into a single space that gives them the executive view they need with the core facets they require to deliver high quality client service with maximum business efficiency.”

With the implementation of Phoenix MatterView, all relevant matter data will be connected into a single, central dashboard that can be easily interrogated for deep business insight.

Brian explains: “Phoenix MatterView is an innovative solution, designed with Phoenix’s deep knowledge of the legal industry and how lawyers work in mind. It provides us a means of taking advantage of key data sources, consolidating the critical information and delivering it in the matter workspace. It will certainly help save attorneys’ time and maximize their effectiveness.”

Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg is currently working with Phoenix to build the core dashboards for firm-wide implementation for delivery as part of the Windows 10 and Office 2016 initiatives. In addition, by engaging each practice group individually and identifying the important metrics, reports and functionality they want, bespoke dashboards will be built for each team for greater matter and business insight, and to help ensure adoption amongst attorneys.


The integration and roll out of MatterView, will provide the Chicago-based, full-service law firm with detailed, real-time insight into its matter data – including financials, tasks, activity levels and workflows – in an executive format developed with lawyers’ needs at its core.

Brian concludes: “The support from Phoenix to date has been exemplary, and we are already planning ahead to add new functionality and capabilities into the system; for example, we’re currently talking about providing attorneys with mobile access to their dashboards, which fits perfectly with the industry’s increasing need to work more flexibly and insightfully.

“Ultimately, it’s about using technology to enhance both the way we work as a firm, and being able to provide the best possible service to our clients. Phoenix understands that and is a true technology partner in that regard.”

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