Proclaim helps young firm reach ‘paperless’ goal!


Hayward Baker was formed to take advantage of the growing number of cases being brought into the marketplace from referral and claims management companies. Being a new firm, its presence in the local marketplace was effectively zero, so being able to take on national cases and integrate effectively with business partners was key to the firm’s early success or failure.

“A case management software system was a priority from day one… using traditional manual ‘pen and paper’ methods would not have enabled us to cope with the sheer volumes of work that we knew were out there. By implementing an IT system, and using it to progress cases 100% digitally, we knew that we would be well placed to manage bulk referrals as efficiently as possible.”

“Using Eclipse Proclaim, we have been able to build a successful PI firm from scratch. Having a solid case management system in place meant that we were able to successfully take on heavy caseloads at a very early stage of our existence, and this has resulted in excellent ongoing relationships with case referrers. I would say that our original goal of building excellence through use of technology has been fulfilled beyond our expectations!”


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