Saul Ewing’s iManage cloud database consolidation a successful industry first


Innovative team uses SeeUnity’s Velocity content migration tool to accomplish a groundbreaking project


Industries challenges

With a client-centric commitment to excellence in mind, Saul Ewing LLP merged with Arnstein & Lehr LLP in September of 2017, providing their clients with expanded capabilities and greater depth in key practice areas. The merger happened to take place in the middle of Saul Ewing’s DMS deployment to the iManage Cloud. For efficiency and productivity’s sake, Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP (Saul Ewing) found they needed to consolidate all of their databases into one primary database. As a trusted integrated service provider, Cornerstone Information Technologies, LLC had been assisting with the project.

Due to the timing of the merger, Arnstein & Lehr LLP databases were wholesale lifted directly to the iManage Cloud as is, causing the need for the consolidation to take place within the cloud environment. This presented significant challenges, as cloud environments require API access. There is no access to SQL or SQL tools. A database consolidation within the cloud had never been done before. Additionally, the firm requested no down time for its users during the project in order to maintain productivity.


Lisa Stone, Client Systems Architect, and Suzanna Wilson, Systems Integrator, were tasked with finding a way to make this all possible. Lisa contacted SeeUnity to ask if the Velocity Content Migration product (Velocity) was capable of performing this type of migration within the cloud. SeeUnity verified the possibility but had never done one before. This would be a first.

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