Artificial intelligence for law firms

Law firms hold vast volumes of information containing their learned know-how and experience, as well as client data. Lawyers must be able to leverage this experience from documents for obvious competitive and efficiency reasons, and using artificial intelligence (AI) to extract and interpret relevant information leads to further differentiation for the firm and can dramatically improve the margin on client instructions.

Firms often face tedious manual processes that can be extremely inefficient and costly, eating into precious margins — particularly in the modern era of fixed priced engagements. What’s more, these processes may carry risk due to inconsistencies and incorrect data used due to human error. In several brief sessions throughout the afternoon, learn how AI can overcome these obstacles and ensure your firm gets the most out of AI innovations.

Be sure to join us afterward for drinks and networking at The Folly!

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Event Details

Date:17 March 2016
Time:2:30pm - 5:30pm
Location:BLP Offices
The Auditorium
Adelaide House
London Bridge
London EC4R 9HA
RAVN Systems, along with ILTA, invites you to attend this educational session.