Ascertus – iManage integration webinar series: HotDocs for law firms

Ascertus and HotDocs co-present this webinar on document automation software, HotDocs, for Law Firms.

Typically, many law firms produce contracts from existing standard templates for new clients, non-disclosure agreements, property leases and such. This approach, aside from being inefficient, is error-ridden as it is easy for the revised contracts to carry inaccurate information or irrelevant/outdated/incorrect legal content.

This webinar, which is aimed at law firms, will focus on:

  • An overview of HotDocs
  • The benefits of contract and document automation for law firms – e.g. time saving and efficiency, risk mitigation, branding consistency, legal content accuracy
  • The advantages of building automated workflows into business processes
  • The capability and benefits of integrating HotDocs with iManage Work and DocuSign.

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