Briefing Frontiers - Legal IT Landscapes 2018

For the first time, Briefing is holding an event to discuss and analyse the results of its landmark annual research into legal technology – Briefing Legal IT Landscapes 2018 – and it's free to attend to everyone in legal business management.

Read the agenda online here


Generously hosted by our friends at Pinsent Masons, and sponsored by Microsoft, Board, iManage, NetDocuments, Phoenix and Tikit, this is an opportunity to hear Briefing's analysis of the research, and hear from invited speakers who can to dive deep into areas such as innovation, smart working, business efficiency and automation, data and client connections.

How automated are the UK's top-tier firms, and how automated could they be? Which kinds of business are most threatening to your firm’s future? How soon will the legal market become really mobile? And apart from the hype around AI and machine learning, how are law firms really using these technologies - if at all?

Guest speakers and contributors

  • Dr Nicola Millard, BT’s customer experience futurologist
  • Charles Radclyffe, data philosopher, TEDx speaker, ex-head of technology for Deutsche Bank's dblabs
  • Microsoft and a top-tier law firm client talking about innovation in collaborative technology, and innovations in overcoming internal silos, and deepening relations with peers, suppliers and clients 
  • Plus panels/Q&A with leaders in innovative firms such as Pinsent Masons, Riverview Law, A&O and more
  • Briefing people Rupert Collins-White and Richard Brent on what the research might tell us

Draft agenda

0900 - Insight into the research results from Briefing magazine's editor and editor-in-chief
0920 - Panel: Innovating law firms on automation, smart working, AI/machine learning, efficiency futures and more
  • The automation gap: how automated are firms today, how automated should they be and how automated will they be in the future?
  • What, if anything, is holding firms back? The challenges of tailoring automation to client models and the cultural inhibitors and pushback within firms
  • With over 40% of the legal workforce yet to be fully mobile enabled, what is holding them back? What are the limits and what more can be done to create a truly agile workforce?
  • Marrying the technology with an appropriate delivery method to clients through appropriate resourcing
  • How should currently leveraging innovation to open up new revenue streams and what might be on the horizon?
1000 - Microsoft case study/presentation: Innovation in collaborative technology and in overcoming internal silos, and deepening relations with peers, suppliers and clients
1030 - Coffee and a chat with peers
1100 - Dr Nicola Millard, BT customer experience futurologist, on ... Your working future
  • Why the promise of organisational flexibility has rarely been delivered in practice, and the trends that are starting to reshape the face of the way that we work
  • The Death of Dolly, Dilbert and Dr No
  • Why one size will not fit all, and agility becomes a means for survival
  • How knowledge creation and sharing combined with mass collaboration – connecting and collaborating - can deliver higher gains
  • Where next? As millennials become leaders and their expectations become the norm, what is the next likely step change in the workplace and expected career progression?
1130 - Charles Radcliffe, data philosopher and ex-head of technology for Deutsche Bank Labs, on AI, RPA and quantum computing and encryption
  • Is RPA (robotic process automation) just 21st-century macros? What RPA means for the operations of a firm, what the state of the art is today, and where we can expect to see technology take us by the end of the decade
  • Roboattorneys and the future of law: how AI can remake the market for law. How to spot the opportunities and where to find the safe ground when the Moravec’ waters start rising
  • Horizon scanning and the impact of quantum computing on professional services firms
  • Quantum security and the role it will play in securing communication channels
  • Why quantum computing will make current RSA encryption defunct within 15 years, and what strategies firms should be looking at to make their data secure once this happens
1210 - Panel: Meet the future - innovation and the future of law (Millard, Radcliffe plus 1-2 law firm guests)
  • Why and how the innovation function should be thinking more long term
  • How much should firms realistically be investing in innovation, in terms of budget, time and staffing?
  • To what extent could and should law firms collaborate more in terms of innovation?
  • Is it now the time when IT leaders finally have the voice they ought to have to meet their firm’s ambitions?
1230 - Close

Who should attend

Leaders and decision makers from top 100 law firms such as:

  • CIO/IT directors/Heads of IT
  • Finance director/CFO
  • Marketing and BD directors/senior managers
  • Directors of/heads of pricing
  • Heads of finance systems, BI
  • Operations leaders/COO/business managers


What is Briefing Frontiers?

Briefing Frontiers is a series of innovation events from Briefing hosted at top-tier law firms. This event will be hosted at Pinsent Masons and will welcome an exclusive group leaders in legal management from top-tier law firms. Featuring speakers who are leaders in technology and business innovation, the intimate nature of these events will enable delegates to learn, share and debate the challenges at the heart of their roles.


Donation made to Shelter

Every year we link responses to our Briefing and LPM Legal IT landscapes research – investigating attitudes to technology and business efficiency in legal services – to donations to Shelter. This year we raised a fantastic £2,800 for the well-deserving charity. We'd like to thank sponsors: TikitAccesspoint TechnologiesNasstariManage and Phoenix Business Solutions for their generous donations.



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Event Details

Date:20 February 2018
Time:8:00am - 12:00pm
Location:Pinsent Masons LLP
30 Crown Place
Earl Street
Price:Free to attend for key role types from top 100 law firms (limited to 40)
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