Complete WorkSpace lifecycle management with WorkSpace Manager

DocAuto’s WorkSpace Manager is the gold standard for Matter-Centric management within on premise and cloud-hosted implementations of iManage Work. This solution empowers users to manage every aspect of their iManage Work environment throughout the entire WorkSpace lifecycle. During this webinar, DocAuto’s CEO, David Kiefer, will discuss and demonstrate how this solution: 
• Builds relational data from any number of external data sources to drive all aspects of the WorkSpace design 
• Automates the creation, modification, and management of WorkSpaces on any number of servers and databases 
• Creates and modifies User and Group security access on all levels of structures and content 
• Simplifies and automates WorkSpace archiving, database consolidation, and content migrations 
• Provides unique functionality, including Parallel WorkSpaces to facilitate collaboration in large distributed environments and Hybrid WorkSpaces using multiple templates 

Join us to see why 500 companies have chosen this solution for their WorkSpace management needs. 

If you are unable to attend this webinar but would like to discuss your WorkSpace management needs or be notified when the recording of the webinar is available, please contact

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Event Details

Date:27 April 2016
Time:3:00pm - 4:00pm
Location:Your desk
Please note this webinar is closed to vendors and consultants who are not an active DocAuto partner. Please register with your company e-mail address, registrations from free email providers, such as, will not be approved. Please contact if you have any questions.