Comprehensive SharePoint management with SPorganizer

SPorganizer is a comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of your Microsoft SharePoint system’s lifecycle. SPorganizer uses data from any number of existing data sources to dynamically define how your SharePoint deployment should be structured, and performs high volume structural creation and modification operations against on-premises or cloud-hosted SharePoint 2013 or later. During this session, DocAuto’s CEO, David Kiefer will demonstrate how SPorganizer eliminates tedious repetitive manual processes and creates site structures using data from multiple external data sources. 

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Event Details

Date:9 August 2016
Time:2:00pm - 3:00pm
Location:Your desk
Please note this webinar is closed to vendors and consultants who are not active DocAuto partners. Please register with your company e-mail address, registrations from free email providers, such as, will not be approved. Please contact if you have any questions.