Expert Cubes presents: Data consolidation – a webinar focusing on today’s data challenges

Optimise resources and reduce cost by consolidating your data across regions into one globally accessible platform. It can be done; we’ve done it before. We will take you through a few scenarios, including Azure, On Premise and Hybrid for practical and pragmatic solutions to today’s data challenges.

Here are some of the benefits of consolidating your data:

  1. Save time on your inter-company reconciliation process 
  2. Obtain final reports directly from system outputs
  3. Reduce manual consolidation entries and dependencies
  4. Shorten the control activities of the consolidation process performed by the central team  
  5. Integrate new entities without putting the whole process at risk 
  6. Reduce dependence on specific individuals while creating a way to share knowledge and document the consolidation process 
  7. Update IT reporting tools to account for new analyses or requirements 
  8. Coordinate or merge your business and financial consolidation processes 
  9. Optimise resources and reduce costs 
  10. Simpler BAU support for consolidation process, to free up resources

Proof of Concept, 8-10 days Consulting including High level Architecture. 

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Event Details

Date:18 June 2020
Time:2:30pm - 3:30pm
Location:Online (Zoom)