Nuix and MSAB integration webinar: Transferring mobile data has never been easier

Nuix and MSAB, experts in mobile device forensic examination, are more closely integrated than ever, making it faster and easier for digital investigators to transfer mobile data from MSAB’s XAMN product to Nuix for analysis.

The session will be hosted by experts from both companies and will include a demonstration of the integration and show how using Nuix Workstation, investigators can search, filter, and analyze mobile data in conjunction with data from many other sources.

The webinar will end with a Q&A session where you’ll have the chance to speak directly to our expert panel and ask any questions you might have about the integration.

Webinar Speaker
Mike Dickinson (MSAB)
Tom Anderson, Product Innovation Engineer, Nuix
Paul Slater, Director Government EMEA, Nuix

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