Tikit webinar: How do you tame your firm’s templates?

Join our series of webinars where we will take you through the solution to managing your templates firm wide with ease.

Most law firms will have tens, if not hundreds, of templates – for letters, precedents, bills and countless other document types.  As you grow, accurate retrieval of the right template can become problematic, and variations inevitably start to appear.  Errors cost time and credibility, harming the brand consistency that is expected of a law firm.
The solution:
We have a system that mitigates all of these risks and creates efficiencies, removes room for error and enhances productivity. TMS has been implemented at some of the world’s leading law firms and is changing the way they operate for the better. Not only are the people that use these templates happy because they’re simple, their clients are happy as they can be assured that their money is not being spent on the inefficient compilation of tedious documents. As well as this, IT teams are happy that their precious time is not being dedicated to coding, constantly tweaking and developing new templates.

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Event Details

Date:8 December 2016
Time:1:00pm - 1:45pm
Location:Your desk