Webinar: Link2DMS - Increase iManage adoption, efficiency and compliance

Learn how to maximize the benefits of your iManage document management system with powerful tools from RBRO Solutions.

In this complimentary webinar, you will discover the time-saving benefits of Link2DMS, which integrates popular, non-integrated applications with iManage Work regardless of file type. With Link2DMS, files from litigation software, patent forms, court documents, online forms and even images and graphics from non-integrated applications save, open, and e-file quickly and easily within iManage DMS.

Link2DMS is a must-have for any iManage firm.  Register today and learn how to increase your firm’s efficiency and adoption of iManage by extending the reach of your DMS beyond its default limits:

  • Reduce risk and increase matter/engagements/projects visibility by allowing non-integrated documents to be saved within iManage Work.
  • Improve productivity and streamline the e-filing process.
  • Extend the functionality of virtually any application to open and save directly with iManage Work.
  • Directly upload and download documents between the DMS and websites with activity automatically dated, tracked and detailed.

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