Aderant extends MatterWorks to support Elite Enterprise clients

Growing demand for legal process and matter management software drives Aderant to assist more law firms

Aderant, the world’s largest independent legal software company, announced today the release of Aderant MatterWorks for firms using Elite Enterprise. Available to clients of Aderant Expert since 2010, MatterWorks now works for firms using the Elite Enterprise practice management system from Thomson Reuters. Law firms are finding Aderant MatterWorks to be the most comprehensive matter planning and pricing tool available in the market today, especially with the discontinuation of Elite Engage.
“Demand for a reliable and robust legal project and matter management solution has increased significantly over the past year,” commented Mike Barry, executive vice president of Strategy and Product at Aderant. “MatterWorks addresses a key challenge law firms are facing today—how to effectively plan, price and monitor their cases.”
As the award winning leader in the matter management arena, MatterWorks is the only solution providing tight integration with rate and pricing information used in Aderant Expert or Elite Enterprise. Utilising the same data structures as the firm’s practice management system, MatterWorks eliminates the need for duplicate rate entry and streamlines management of the entire legal project.
Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein, a 188 attorney firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina, participated in the pilot program that launched MatterWorks to the Enterprise client base. “As a firm, we are constantly trying to increase the value we deliver to our clients,” commented Tom Griffin, managing Partner at Parker Poe. “With increasing demands for predictable budgets in traditional hourly matters and the growth in fixed-fee and other alternative fee arrangements with clients, Parker Poe needed a solution that would help the firm manage these client needs more effectively and to do so profitably.”
“We’ve been nothing but impressed with Aderant and their ability to tailor MatterWorks for our needs,” commented Dwight Floyd, director of knowledge management at Parker Poe. “It was key for us to have the ability to instantaneously pull historical matter data and monitor matters against budget on a real-time basis—and MatterWorks does that. It’s automated and also has an intuitive user interface, which is critical when you’re looking for an adoptable solution.”
“A core tenet of Aderant product development is to keep the end-user in mind when developing our products,” noted Barry. “MatterWorks is only one of many products with this intuitive look and feel that helps drive user adoption,” Barry added. “There’s no benefit to best-in-class technology if no one is adopting it—that’s why we invest so much in collaborating with clients in the development process.”
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