Econocom launches the UK's first modular subscription-based service for mobile devices


Econocom UK, a provider of digital transformation solutions, has announced the release of BOS: an agile and flexible subscription-based service for Apple and Microsoft mobile devices with a-la-carte options for the business and education markets. BOS enables organisations and institutions to access the latest mobile devices over 24 months on a ‘device-as-a-service’ basis.

BOS — Business Optimisation Services — has been developed in conjunction with JTRS, a fully accredited Apple, Google and Lego education partner, who recently joined the Econocom Group. BOS signals a significant step forward in Econocom UK’s journey to becoming an end-to-end digital services provider.

Chris Labrey, Managing Director UK & IRL at Econocom, says: “BOS is a unique bundled service that allows customers to future-proof their operations for the digital age. We now live in a world where ownership, as we know it, is dead. Consumers have a new set of expectations and are more interested in services and experiences than products. They want usage, personalisation and flexibility. BOS offers them this freedom.’’

Every BOS subscription consists of a standard package, including access to mobile devices, delivery, a 24-month next-day swap warranty for any faulty devices, as well as the end-of-contract collection and recycling of all devices. BOS also allows customers to incrementally increase, return or refresh their mobile estate on a £1 per month per device basis, and offers them the opportunity to retain up to 5% of their devices at the end of their contract if desire.

There are a number of other a-la-carte options, including old kit collection, device setup, MDM management and helpdesk, that can be added to the standard package subscription, allowing each one to be personally tailored to customers’ needs.

BOS is now available for all customers across the UK.

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