Finally... An intelligent Form-E that is easy to complete!

After months of development, and in direct response to customer demand, Oyez Forms has recently released a cutting-edge, intelligent Form-E. Developed specifically to reduce the time and frustration associated with completing this form, it is an invaluable tool for every UK matrimonial professional.

Produced in familiar, flexible Word format, the Oyez Form-E is available to all legal practitioners, regardless of which Forms package or case management system they are using. Everyone can now benefit from fast revisions, smooth navigation, automatic calculations and innovative insertion and duplication tools.

This forms advanced, time-saving features include:

  • Navigate: Instantly to any asset type to update
  • Summary:  automatically completed
  • Duplicate subsections, e.g.: Pensions as required
  • Tables: add rows, delete rows function
  • Income Needs 3.1.1, 3.1.2:   Customised details automatically merged in
  • Create: - Schedule of assets, automatically
                  - Chronology, automatically
  • Manage Currency conversions; convert multiple currencies  to sterling instantly
  • Child Benefit: automatically created and inserted

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