FWBS Announces MatterSphere Alongside New MatterCentre Update.

FWBS Ltd announces an exciting new extension to the MatterCentre solution today named MatterSphere. MatterSphere extends MatterCentres Microsoft Office focus to the cloud, and bring anywhere access to client and matter data for a firms legal professionals and authorised clients.

FWBS MatterCentre solution

Intuitive browser access provides a rich user experience is delivered using Silverlight, rather than using HTML. This anywhere access can be simply configured for types of users as well as matter types, varying both the accessible information as well as the functionality, including document check in/out. The MatterSphere browser experience allows configurable desktops to include RSS feeds of related Client & matter activity, time recording and social networks links. Optionally, this is further enhanced by being designed for Windows 7 multi-touch, allowing powerful manipulation of documents either on a legal professionals desktop or when in a client meeting environment.

In addition full index search is available using access points in Microsoft Office, Browser via Silverlight and mobile, for all client and matter data using Microsoft Search Server.

FWBS MatterCentre technology

This technology was recently shown to a select group of invited law firms at a joint Microsoft Event at Wembley stadium, with very positive feedback.

This announcement ties in with an update to the MatterCentre solution, code named "Valencia", which now is fully embedded within Office 2010 (as well as 2003 and 2007). In addition the comprehensive interface to Autonomy iManage has been further advanced, as well as giving further capability to the modular approach of MatterCentre, giving firms the ability to define exactly their scope of functional needs for case and non case professionals, and combine other best of breed products.

Mark Craddock Sales & Marketing Director at FWBS states, "We are having significant success in the UK tier 1 market with our clear Microsoft implemented case/matter management solution, and our latest announcements continues to show FWBS as the clear leader in Legal software innovation."

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