iManage Share simplifies secure content sharing with one-button secure file upload

As part of its work product management system for law firms, corporate legal departments, accounting and financial services firms, iManage today announced a significant enhancement to its iManage Share product - a new EZ drop zone. This new feature enables professional services providers, legal departments and other users of iManage to receive files from external parties without setting up accounts or defining security accesses.

“While file-sharing services on the market focus primarily on outbound content, iManage Share delivers a solution that also provides the easiest, secure way to receive important documents,” explained Shawn Misquitta, iManage senior director of product management. “This new EZ Drop Zone feature removes all the extra time and steps typically required to receive materials from outside the organization. Now, a one-button click provides a secure governed way to request and collect files from outside the organization.” 

iManage Share is only solution that fully integrates professional work product management and secure file sharing, including the ability to provision a new sharing site, upload content and start collaborating with external parties with a single click.  iManage Share improves sharing decisions by suggesting collaborators based on email analysis and enables complete file sharing within the market leading  iManage Work interface used by over one million professionals worldwide. iManage Share increases productivity without compromising professional  organizations’ data governance and security needs.

The new iManage Share feature provides a quick way to initiate an invitation to a client, co-counsel or collaborator with a one-use link. The invitee can simply drag & drop to upload files to a predetermined iManage Share folder or company inbox. An optional URL can be placed on your company website to allow clients to initiate an upload on their own providing a secured file upload and an alternative to email.  There are no accounts to create, no log-ins to set up, no security access to define, and no email or ftp requirements to meet. iManage Share also includes time constraint options for the one-use links and audit trails to provide insights into who uploaded content, and drag & drop capabilities between iManage Work folders. 

To learn more about iManage Share click here or join us at one of the iManage ConnectLive user conferences. 

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