Intapp integration service launches at ILTA>ON 2020

Intapp, the only purpose-built platform connecting people, processes, and data to enhance outcomes for professional and financial services firms, today announced the launch of Intapp Integration Service, technology that enables interoperability between all of a professional services firm’s software and applications on a single platform. This common data integration, which is available in both pure cloud and hybrid deployments, lowers the cost of software implementation, speeds time to value, and centralizes firm data management to simplify the IT department’s job.

The average midsize professional services firm employs hundreds of mission-critical applications. Intapp Integration Service allows these applications to connect seamlessly, providing employees across the firm with always-on access to essential software and data. The cloud-native capabilities of this integration service make it uniquely suited for the high-volume, real-time processing demands of professional services firms’ large-scale data integrations that can otherwise burden IT.

Intapp Integration Service is supported by the first-ever Intapp Open API and a set of prebuilt integration processes to foster overall interoperability. Initially, Intapp plans to deliver purpose-built integrations for four major technology suites — Vuture, Thomson Reuters Elite 3E, iManage, and Dun & Bradstreet — that will take advantage of the Intapp Open API to enable key processes and data sharing; Intapp will announce several additional integration partners in the coming months.

“The pandemic-related rise in remote work has highlighted the need for easy access to software and data,” said Thad Jampol, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Intapp. “Intapp Integration Service provides another step toward complete interoperability to help firms’ people, processes, and data work better together.”

Firms using Intapp Integration Service also benefit from automating a broad range of critical business processes without the time, costs, or complexity of custom development. Intapp Integration Service also provides comprehensive audit trails, reports, and notifications, giving firms readily available information to respond promptly to internal and external requests.

“Integration capabilities have been core to what Intapp does for 20 years,” said Jose Lazares, Vice President, Product Strategy and Business Management at Intapp. “This kind of purpose-built, enterprise-level support and service extends our historic capabilities. No other provider focused on professional services delivers this.”

“Legal, accounting, consulting, and financial services firms face unique challenges that are not addressed by generic, horizontal platforms,” continued Lazares. “With Intapp Integration Service, we’ve custom-built a solution to meet the specific needs of professional services firms, allowing them to become truly connected.”

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