Law firm Wiggin future-proofs mobile estate with Econocom's BOS subscription model

Econocom UK, a provider of digital transformation solutions, has announced a deal to supply Wiggin with 100 iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices through the company’s recently-launched BOS subscription model.
Wiggin — a UK-based media, technology and IP law firm — is the first customer in the region to have signed up to Econocom’s BOS subscription model, agreeing a deal on the day of the official BOS UK launch. The law firm sought a solution that would allow it to upgrade its mobile estate to bring it in line with modern day industry requirements. Having been an existing Econocom customer — the two companies previously worked together on a major software upgrade project — it decided to use BOS to do so. The deal was signed on May 8th, and Wiggin received the handsets on May 11th.
Wiggin subscribed to a 24-month BOS plan for 100 iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices for its lawyers. On top of this standard package, the firm also opted for a unique flexibility option that allows it to increase up to 20% of its estate in the first 12 months, as well as coverage for accidental loss of any devices.
Sarah Mitten, head of finance, Wiggin, says: “We already had a good relationship with Econocom following the work we have recently done together. As soon as we heard about BOS, we could instantly see the opportunities that it could afford us as a forward-thinking business. We wasted no time in signing up, and we were delighted to see the devices arrive atour doorsteps just three days later.
While it’s great that our lawyers now have powerful smartphones, that allow them to maintain productivity while awayfrom the office, the real power of BOS is in its flexibility. We’re a fast-growing law firm, and this plan allows us to scale up our estate as and when necessary, while ensuring that it remains future-proofed along the way.”
Over the course of the subscription, Wiggin will be able to benefit from next-day swap warranties on each of the devices and access to round-the-clock support from Econocom, which comes standard with all BOS subscription plans.
Barry Bostoff, Business Development Manager, Econocom, says: “We’re thrilled that Wiggin was so quick to understandand realise the benefits that BOS could bring to its business — the fact that the deal was signed on the day of the launchunderscores the solution’s attractiveness. Wiggin is already making the most of the new Apple mobile estate, and we’ve been providing them regular support to ensure that the transition phase is as smooth as possible, with minimal disruption to daily operations.
We’re firm believers that businesses are no longer concerned whether they are the outright owners of their mobile anddigital estate or not. Instead, they would rather have the freedom to upgrade and update those assets in line with business needs and requirements, and the notable demand for the BOS service is proof of that.”


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