Legal software company Aderant announces next generation of business intelligence for law firms

Today legal software company Aderant unveiled the next generation of business intelligence software, Aderant Spotlight Analytics. Spotlight represents a dramatic departure from prior BI products by enabling far greater adoption, deeper analysis and, most importantly, immediate action via Impact Technology. Earlier this year at ILTACON, Aderant EVP Product & Strategy Mike Barry discussed Aderant’s belief that business intelligence technology is a critical tool for firms to continuously improve operations and boost profitability.

The 2015 ILTA Technology Industry Survey reported that 51% of law firms have invested in business intelligence, putting the legal industry ahead of the general business community. However, law firms have struggled to successfully adopt and fully utilize BI technology. The reasons include: complexity of the software, difficulty in data integration and the inability to take direct action. Firms tell of BI delivering interesting information but failing to trigger actions that result in business improvements. Aderant designed Spotlight to specifically address these challenges.

Based on interviews and usability sessions with over 100 law firms, Aderant developed an entirely new user interface based on easy-to-use configurable screen tiles. Aderant Product Manager Derek Schutz commented, “Our design goal was to enable anyone at the firm to use BI. In the past, only a few highly technical individuals within the firm could use BI tools. Spotlight enables non-technical staff to use and leverage the power of business intelligence technology.”

That ease enables wider staff adoption of BI, but it’s Spotlight’s Impact Technology that will drive law firm managers’ desire to use business intelligence. Spotlight Analytics shines a light on specific business performance issues and with just a click of the Impact Technology button, Spotlight links into the Aderant Expert module for the user to take immediate corrective action. For example, via set thresholds and color coding, Spotlight will identify a potential problem area in billable hours. The Impact Technology button will take the user directly from Spotlight into the specific area within the Expert Time & Billing system to immediately understand the issue and take corrective action. 

Chris Cartrett, SVP Global Sales noted, “Every day we work with sophisticated and ambitious law firms that want to pursue continuous improvement and increase profitability. But, they often struggle to find the right technology that can create real business results for their firm. We believe that Spotlight can be the next generation tool that helps them create short term and long term business improvement.”

“Aderant wants to work with law firms seeking real change and profitability growth,” said Aderant CEO Chris Giglio. “The legal industry is undergoing tremendous change and Aderant intends to remain a partner for firms that embrace change as an opportunity to grow.” 

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