Phoenix’s low-down on iManage and RAVN ... the long-anticipated solutions

AI and its practical application continues to be one of, it not the ‘hottest topic’ in the tech market, with the debate crystallising in the last few months around its vast potential and ability to automate and build efficiencies into workflows and processes.

Since iManage’s acquisition of RAVN in May 2017, there has been a lot of excitement in the market about the potential roadmap and combined offerings that this may bring to firms and the potential for the AI platform to automatically organise, discover and summarise documents. So, as we approach the release of the first RAVN/iManage solution, Phoenix, the world’s leading iManage partner and of course now RAVN’s, gives you the low-down on their road map and what that means for our clients...

Inclusion of the RAVN search engine as a replacement for the IDOL indexer in Work 10.1.

iManage will release Work 10.1 in December of this year. Using the RAVN Indexer rather than IDOL is an option rather than a mandatory change, but promises some significant reductions in hardware requirements to meet like-for-like functionality and performance, with reduced indexing time.

Phoenix is already working with several firms who will be piloting this as soon as it’s released. We’ll keep our customers informed on how everything goes, and what to expect. We'll keep our customers informed on how everything goes, and what to expect.

iManage Insight built on the RAVN platform

iManage Insight, is the replacement product for iManage Universal Search, and is built directly on top of the RAVN platform. This Enterprise and Federated Search platform is a true RAVN product allowing search across multiple repositories, expertise location, clustering based on similar term patters and knowledge graphs of how content is created and consumed.

Phoenix has a lot of experience around knowledge management and search, and we are pleased to say that this is a product rather than a framework or concept, and therefore project duration should be predicable and the end-user experience fantastic.

iManage Classify and iManage Extract

The final two products that iManage are bringing to market following the RAVN merger, are Classify and Extract.

iManage Classify, as the name suggests, will crawl large volumes of documents, and using machine learning, classify them according to your needs. This may be tagging personally identifiable information, contract types, or even extracting clause types from within the documents.

iManage Extract delivers the solution that is most commonly discussed when talking with firms about AI. Extract crawls a given set of contracts, as a learning set, and then performs an analysis of the risk, based on what it’s learnt. This will highlight contracts with unusual, missing or outlier clauses and score the document appropriately.

Both iManage Classify and iManage Extract are valuable tools that enable firms to mitigate risk and increase productivity at the same time.

Get in touch to find out more about how Phoenix can assist in delivering these practical applications that provide, tangible, real-world value.

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