RAVN System complements their connect for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 with DocAuto Unity

RAVN Systems, experts in Enterprise Search, Unstructured Big Data analytics, and Knowledge management solutions, has announced that they have complemented the RAVN Connect for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Enterprise search and knowledge management solution. Choosing to adopt the DocAuto Unity components to provide 3-tier integration between SharePoint 2013 search and the HP iManage WorkSite document management system. DocAuto's extensive WorkSite heritage and domain expertise has resulted in an integration that provides unrivalled functionality and further strengthens the relationship between RAVN Systems and DocAuto.

Unity allows users to perform standard WorkSite operations on WorkSite content in place in production WorkSite systems in real time, using the safe and approved WorkSite 3-tier architecture.  The solution allows users to work directly with WorkSite documents, not copies, thereby eliminating synchronisation and version control issues and preventing the unnecessary duplication of content across platforms.

Enabled by the RAVN Security Server embedded in RAVN Connect for Microsoft SharePoint 2013, Unity also respects WorkSite security by translating it into the native SharePoint security model, allowing users to search and truly utilise all available content, regardless of source, in the powerful SharePoint 2013 interface.

DocAuto are a LSN networkpartner, find out more about what they do by visiting their networkpartner page.

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