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from Burlington Media, the leading provider of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solutions to professional services firms, today announced the release of erm360, an enterprise relationship management (ERM) and relationship intelligence solution built natively within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. erm360 is seamlessly integrated with’s legal360 and aec360 CRM solutions, offering the industry’s first integrated ERM and CRM solutions built from the ground-up on a single platform.

erm360 leverages an innovative passive data collection strategy to help automate the collection and contribution of contact and relationship data to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Using deep integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365, Outlook, and Exchange, erm360 scrapes Outlook email signatures and monitors Exchange-based communications to capture and update contact and relationship details, providing embedded dashboards to highlight ‘who knows whom’ and ‘who is communicating with whom’.

“ERM technology is quickly becoming mission-critical in law firms and other businesses that are highly dependent on relationship insights to drive business development practices,” explains Whit McIsaac, CEO for Americas. “By developing erm360 on the same Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform with our industry-specific CRM solutions, we have converged what has historically been two loosely connected systems and changed the ERM software game. This unique approach will help our clients turn otherwise disconnected client and relationship information into actionable insights.”

Many professional services firms that leverage a “seller/doer” model have experienced challenges achieving widespread adoption of their CRM software. Without complete and accurate data about the firm’s contacts and relationships, these CRM solutions have delivered limited value to their stakeholders. ERM technology strives to alleviate these challenges by automatically capturing relationship data and providing insights around ‘who is communicating with whom’.

“erm360 not only removes the burden from busy professionals to keep their CRM data up-to-date but better positions our clients to facilitate cross-practice selling introductions and structure business development teams and strategies in a way that that differentiates their firm,” continued McIsaac. “We believe that our integrated solution will translate directly into more business development success and fundamentally change the perception of CRM technologies in our key markets.” will be hosting a webcast on December 4, 2019, to highlight the integrated legal360 + erm360 solution. Interested parties can register for this webcast at

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