Sarah Trude at Symphony APS, discusses aggregation power

We have recently secured a major deal to license, develop and support a product that is taking the accountancy sector by storm – it’s called Practice Portal. Price Bailey developed this groundbreaking platform as a direct result of getting a £500k quote from a major industry-renowned supplier and, in my opinion, quite rightly felt that there had to be a better way to harness the power of CRM firm wide without such a huge ongoing financial footprint.

So how does what Price Bailey did change the narrative? Well, I’d like you to think about aggregation as opposed to integration. Once we let go, albeit only momentarily, of the hunger to attain an integrated ecosystem, we can start to see that aggregation brings huge service delivery and client relationship benefits. Let me elaborate. You almost certainly already have systems in place that provide information on your clients’ WIP, billing and lockup, which teams sell to them currently, how engaged they are with marketing, recent documents, open opportunities, appointments, their Companies House status, outstanding tasks and so on.

So all of that critical information is stored in a variety of places: CRM if you have already deployed it, (Excel spreadsheets if not); your practice management system, Outlook, document management, Companies House, MS Planner, a tool such as Act-On, Mailchimp or Salesfusion ... the list goes on. Now that data, in all of those different platforms, is great, but it becomes invaluable when you get to put it all together like a fabulous client jigsaw puzzle. When you can see it all effortlessly laid out, you will notice some really interesting patterns appearing...

This article was first published in the September 2019 issue of LPM 'Seeds of change'.

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