Wilson Legal Solutions joins Thomson Reuters Elite’s BI Marketplace

Wilson Legal Solutions, a provider of consulting services and analytics software, today announced that it has joined a select group of partners with offerings in Thomson Reuters Elite’s BI Marketplace, an ecosystem of business intelligence (BI) solutions for law firms. Wilson Ideate software, the company’s flagship performance management solution, is now among the featured products in BI Marketplace with verified integration with Elite Enterprise and 3E software. Wilson Ideate software enables law firms to gain a 360-degree view of operations using interactive dashboards, configurable inquiries, and ad hoc analyses.
Launched in February 2017, BI Marketplace makes it easier for firms running 3E and Enterprise software – as well as those planning to do so in the future – to identify a qualified BI solution. Having verified BI partner offerings with different price points and functionality in one centralized location helps firms save time and focus on priorities when selecting a solution.
“Business intelligence capabilities have improved dramatically in recent years – presenting decision makers with a lot of options when choosing the right solution. BI Marketplace helps simplify those choices,” says Bruce Wilson, managing director and CEO of Wilson Legal Solutions. “With concerns over the ability to integrate off the table, firms can zero in on the functionality that differentiates each offering – and the depth of the company behind the software. We’re very excited to be part of BI Marketplace and see it as a real opportunity to shine a light on these differentiators so law firms can choose a solution with the best long-term fit.”
Wilson Legal Solutions has enjoyed a rich history with Thomson Reuters Elite as a long-term business partner. In addition to being a member of BI Marketplace, it is also a certified services partner for 3E, Enterprise, Design Gallery, and Paperless Proforma.

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