10 essentials for creating an intranet that employees will love

Do you find it hard to get employees to use your intranet? Is it a moribund series of links rather than a vital hub that launches employees into their work?

Innovative companies are finding ways to make the intranet a powerful platform for collaboration, sharing, relevant searches and plain, old fun.

To get employees involved, “make it personal, and make it relevant,” says Tracey Grove, internal communications director at Microsoft’s 21,000-employee worldwide services unit. “If it’s not, then you’ve just got crickets.”

Here are some ideas that will help you create an intranet that employees can’t wait to log in to. The key? Mirror what employees see in their everyday experiences online.

1. Allow for mobility.

Your intranet should run easily on any device anywhere, particularly for employees on the go who don’t spend most of their day at their desks. According to Shel Holtz of Holtz Communication + Technology, most workers today have mobile phones, and they expect to receive internal communications in the way they get other information.

“The most important thing is for it to be mobile,” he says, “and not just making the Web version of the intranet fit on a mobile phone, but rethinking it so that it is relevant to people who are not sitting at their desk.”

2. Offer internal social capabilities. 

One of the hottest trends in intranets is making them social spaces where employees can converse and collaborate, as they do on external social media. This could be through an enterprise social network or on a platform such as Yammer.

Social business starts with allowing comments on articles so that employees can ask questions, share perspectives and post links. People in large organizations can also dig up knowledge they couldn’t otherwise access.

Internal social capabilities have allowed The Hershey Company to “connect people to people, and people to content so we are able to work smarter together,” says Michael Wetzel, manager of business transformation-corporate systems.

“We have seen an increase of knowledge-sharing and collaboration across business units and even with our external partners,” Wetzel says. “Our new capabilities have allowed us to access information and knowledge anytime, anywhere, from any device.”


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Many have adopted to making social intranet part of their company/organization but not all are able to make it so that it can provide what employees need from an intranet. Those that you have mentioned above are indeed true. Add up to those these tips from an article I read on the internet: https://www.simpplr.com/blog/2017/make-the-intranet-essential-for-everyd.... Great read!

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