Cloud adoption: Overcoming barriers to reap the rewards by Phoenix

The mood amongst professional services firms considering the cloud ranges from anxiety and confusion about the potential benefits to positivity and clarity demonstrated by a clearly defined ‘cloud first’ policy.

This paper evaluates the operational and commercial benefits of a cloud-based strategy, assesses and addresses the key issues and concerns when adopting the cloud, and proposes a tailored solution for professional services firms that meets stringent client requirements regarding information management, governance and security of data in the cloud.


To stay ahead in the modern world, professional services firms, especially law firms and legal professionals, are facing unprecedented changes in the way they must service, interact and engage with clients.

In today’s fast paced, always on society, cloud solutions can enable new methods of working by establishing a mobile workforce, driving high levels of collaboration between employees and 3rd party stake-holders, and providing operational agility, cost savings and a competitive edge.

However, there are several perceived challenges that professional services firms commonly consider as barriers to adopting cloud solutions, which with advancements in technology, are easily addressed. Once overcome, the benefits that can be realised by both your firm and by the individual, through a cloud-based strategy, are huge.



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