Data Centres – Commodity Purchase or Business Critical?

Data centres appear to be gaining commodity status. The past five years have seen an explosion in facilities, all touting decreasing Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) ratings and boasting the latest energy efficiency and cooling technologies.

So far, so good. But are organisations looking beyond these claims? Are they actually assessing the role the data centre provider will play in supporting these business critical systems or considering the implications of business change on data centre requirements? Are they simply buying processing power or ensuring this critical resource seamlessly melds into the overall ICT strategy, with the resilience, scalability and support expertise required?

As Joanna Sedley-Burke, Business Development Director, Sovereign Business Integration, explains, choosing the right data centre is not just about buying efficient, secure and high performing technology – that should be a given; it is about asking tough questions to find a business partner that can proactively offer the skills required to support what is a mission critical, strategic business decision.

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