Everything you need to know about legal document automation


Legal document automation isn’t scary. Automating the creation of documents is not intended to replace, minimise or threaten what lawyers do. Lawyers always have been, and always will be, the guardians of the legal documents that form the basis of all business; but by automating certain parts of the process, they can be liberated to focus on elements of the role that add real value.

But where to start? Document automation can bring speed, efficiency, consistency, less risk and lower costs — but how do lawyers, whether in house or in private practice, start to realise those benefits? How do we define the key terms, how does the process work, and which documents are suitable? What can we learn from the early adopters about getting buy-in, implementing solutions and measuring ROI?

Thomson Reuters latest definitive guide will demystify document automation, helping lawyers to understand how to be ready for automation.

See the full guide above.

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